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Karen Hartwig Foundation

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The Karen Hartwig Foundation is a non-profit animal rescue organization established to provide financial assistance to help keep animals out of shelters. 
The foundation is named after a dear friend of the original corporate directors who passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 48. Karen Hartwig was an avid animal lover, had adopted several rescue animals, and was involved in animal rescue as an individual community member. We miss her every day and just hope to make her proud by undertaking this effort in her name.

Specifically, the Karen Hartwig Foundation will focus its efforts on developing and implementing programs that help keep companion animals out of shelters, thereby reducing animal suffering. We have designed three programs that we believe will help achieve this goal:

1. Guardian Angel Fund – enables individuals to retain ownership of their pets and not surrender to shelters, through provision of financial assistance

2. Posse Assistance Fund – provides financial assistance to like-minded animal rescue organizations with the infrastructure in place to carry out activities consistent with our mission of keeping animals out of shelters

3. Online Resource Center – access to resources and tools that help pet owners resolve behavioral issues rather than surrender their pet to a shelter

Auction Purpose

100% of the proceeds from our auctions go into our general fund to help keep pets where they belong - at home.