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Three Month Auction Plan

So, you have the ‘will’ to set up your first online auction, and now you just need the ‘way!’ Let FCA’s three month checklist guide you towards auction success! This plan is designed to work closely with volunteers and sponsors, and to build a strong relationship with both so that you can run auctions over and over again. Ideally, we would like to do two, bi-annual auctions with high-quality items. Once your supporters come to expect these auctions and know that it will run well, they will share them with family and friends.

Three Months Before:

  • Sit down with your team and make some decisions on policies for pricing and shipping

    For pricing, we plan to: ____________________________________________________________

    For shipping, we plan to: ____________________________________________________________

  • Make up a one-page guide or brochure detailing the auction
  • Get a team of volunteers together to go out and solicit items
  • Make a list of businesses that you want to solicit from

Two Months Before:

  • Send volunteers out to solicit items
  • Order your shipping items (
  • Create direct mailing (if applicable) and print

One Month Before:

  • Organize and price items
  • Photograph items
  • Determine shipping costs for each item
  • List items on
  • Gather and publish media statistics
  • Photograph groups of items together for media outreach
  • Develop email to send to your email list of supporters to begin auction

The Month Of!

  • Plan daily item highlights for social media

The Month After:

  • Accept payments
  • Ship items (Put some literature in each box to let your supporters know you appreciate their contributions!)
  • Create a letter to thank sponsors/announce next auction
  • Use Paypal to grow your mailing list