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Photographing Your Items

Picture This

Because your auction is online, it is the photograph that sells the item. If you have a photographer on staff or as a volunteer, you are all set! But if you're going to be DIY-ing your auction, its time to talk photography!

Compare and Contrast

Any camera that was purchased in the last few years should have the number of megapixels that you need to take professional-looking photos. You will need a space with a lot of natural light, and two different backgrounds, one light and one darker. The backgrounds should either be without texture or textured in a way that will not draw attention away from your items (wood, sand, etc.). Light items that would fade into the light background should be paired with the dark background and vice versa.

Variety is the Spice of Life

When photo graphing your items, try some different things. FCA can support any number of photos, so feel free to get your items from different angles. When you are starting, try taking some photos with the flash and some without, to see which you prefer. Try to keep your item centered in the frame.

To the Cutting Room

Once the photos have been taken and transferred to your computer, do some cropping. Remember that you are trying to show off your item, not the beautiful sheen of your tiled floor (even though that looks great!), so take out most/all unnecessary space.

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

If you have items that could be of variable size, try to find something to photograph that item with that will show off its specific size. For instance, we photographed some of our necklaces held around an empty blue wine bottle to show the size of the pendant.

Clean Up Your Act

At the risk of sounding obvious, you also want to make sure that your items are putting their best feet forward as well - make sure everything is clean and looks nice!