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Brand Discovery Session from Zeedia Media.

$400.00 Value - Ending June 26th 2019 @11PM

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Okay.  Raise your hand if you KNOW you should be doing more on Social Media for your business, but you're not quite sure how to generate the amount of content you know you're supposed to be posting.  Don't be shy!  I think just about everyone who reads this will be raising their hands, except maybe the amazing Amy Zander of Zeedia Media!

One great way to know what kind of content to post (as well as to define your business across all facets of marketing!) is to take the time to figure out what you want your band to say to the world!  And Amy is here to help you with that!  She will take the people involved in your company through a series of exercises that will help you determine the personality of your company.  Are you an explorer?  A magician?  Then your brand personality will help you create a cohesive and compelling brand strategy!