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Mission Statement: To create and maintain a professional environment where non-profits can set-up and earn money using online charity auctions easily and for free.

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We would like to introduce ourselves, and to welcome you to! This is a website designed to aid the many causes that are so important to us, and we want to tell you why we do what we do!

We have been working with small-scale charities since 2008, volunteering our time and helping with fundraising. We started with a small animal rescue in Indiana, volunteering our extra time. Working with dogs, cats, small animals and wildlife just became a way of life for us! The kids in the neighborhood would find reasons to come over to our house because we always had some new exciting animal we were fostering. Life was never boring, and we have always been committed to helping ‘just one more’.

We moved quickly from cleaning kennels to helping with office tasks and websites, and found that we really had a lot of fun with fundraising. Later, we moved from Indiana to Michigan, and started working with Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue. While trying to find an option for an online auction we encountered many great charity auction sites, but none these seemed to be geared towards small charities. We either had to sacrifice a sizable start-up fee or lose a large proportion of the money raised to the auction company; in some cases both. So we decided to strike out on our own and create an auction website for smaller charities.

Thus, was born. We wanted this website to be a professional, functional asset to the wonderful work that all of you do. We have always felt blessed to be able to work with one charity, and now we hope to be able to help a large number of charities all at the same time! To keep the website running, the ads on each page kick a little bit of money back to us, the developers, so that the website can continue to be free, and your charity can apply all of the proceeds of the auction toward your cause. Please feel free to list as many items as you like, and email us if there are more features that you would like to see.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to work with you!